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 kiosk Banking Services at your doorstep

kiosk Banking Services at your doorstep

Banking services are becoming one of the most essential services for people nowadays.

It is an end-to-end process which ensures the overall financial service of an individual or organization. But there are almost 191 million Indians who are deprived of the banking services even today.

These people mostly are from the villages or remote areas where there is no bank branch in their area.

To solve this issue RBI has introduced Kiosk Banking registration system, where the bank will come directly to the individual instead of an individual going to the bank.

With the help of this a person can easily access the basic facilities by the bank like deposit, withdraw,micro-credit , overdraft etc.

kiosk bank csp
Kiosk Bank CSP

Registration of Kiosk banking

For getting yourself registered and enjoy Kiosk banking services,you have to follow some simple steps:

Kiosk Bank

Visiting Authentic Retailer

These retailers are also known as the pay point of  Kiosk Banking service or even the CSP i.e. Customer Service Provider. These shops or points are registered and internet enabled kiosk banking service providers that are equipped with all the necessary things required for operating the basic banking activities and its registration.

So in order to avoid any frauds or get deceived you should know the authentic place to get yourself registered or perform any such activity .

Give your fingerprint

Fingerprint scanner is the device that captures and stores your fingerprints by just pressing over it.

Give your picture

The service provider or kiosk bank CSP will then take your picture then and there which  is more reliable than any of your past capture pictures to avoid any confusion.

Give your documents

Basic documents that can help in verifying your address and ID proofs are submitted by CSP banks for further process.

Wait for the verification

All your documents, fingerprints and pictures are sent to the bank branch where they verify each and everything with the help of their team of expertise .

Account opened and ready to be operated

If all the documents and details are verified thoroughly then your account gets created by the bank within the shortest period of time as possible.

Get access to the kiosk banking services

After your account is being created you can now operate your account from any Pay point ,anytime and enjoy all the basic banking services.

What are these mini banks or pay-points?

These pay points are also considered as the CSP or Customer Service Providers, which are working as mini banks along with the different banks operating in our country and providing people all the basic banking services. Who were earlier unable to enjoy them due to the unavailability of Bank branches in their locality.

These Kiosk bank CSP registration with the banks after going through the whole process and thus they are reliable to process all the services. They are internet able and well equipped for the people who are willing to conduct any banking related activity anytime, without going a long way to the bank branch. Customer Service Providers not only make the customers enable the services but they also make new customers by getting them registered.

How can anyone  become a CSP ?

For becoming a provider you can easily CSP apply for an online kiosk bank by going on the official website of the particular bank. Where you require some documents like – qualification certificate ,computer certificate , aadhar card, PAN card , bank passbook , police verification report ,IIBF certificate .

After submission of all these required documents you can proceed further in thedigital csp registration .

After the submission of all the documents , there will be the verification process of CSP online registration and after same

The applied candidate becomes eligible as CSP provider, wherein he/she can now officially open their CSP Centres and can operate all the activities that the customers or account owners require, without any hindrance and by also getting their commission given by the banks .

Impact of Kiosk Banking

This whole system of Kiosk Banking is created with the intention for financial inclusion that aims at providing every individual or institute who were unable to access these services because of the lack of banking and financial service providers in their areas.

By the emergence of this form of banking every person is benefited, as the people are now getting the banking services. Bank CSP providers are getting profit by the banks , and banks are also getting new customers by this wider approach. Whereas, the government can now easily keep an eye on the economy because all the transactions are being monitored.

After getting all these monetary transactions transparent the issues like corruption, black money and parallel economy will be reduced to certain extent .

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